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Interreg Greece-Bulgaria

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Cooperation Programme Interreg V-A "Greece-Bulgaria 2014-2020"

A few words about our Programme

The Cooperation Programme “Greece-Bulgaria 2014-2020” was approved by the European Commission on 13/12/2016 by Decision C(2016)8708. 

The total budget (ERDF and national contribution) for the European Territorial Programme “Greece-Bulgaria 2007-2013” is €130,262,835.00 .The total financing consists of €110.723.409,75 (85%) ERDF funding and €19.539.425,25 (15%) national contribution.

Eligible area
The eligible area of the Programme consists of the Region of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace (Prefectures of Evros, Kavala, Xanthi, Rodopi and Drama) and the Region of Central Macedonia (Prefectures of Thessaloniki and Serres) in Greece and the South-Central Planning Region and South-West Planning Region (Districts of Blagoevgrad, Smolyan, Kardjali and Haskovo) in Bulgaria.

The Greece-Bulgaria cross-border cooperation area for the programming period 2014-2020 is identical to the current ETC programme. It extends to 40.202 km2 and has a total population of 2.7 million inhabitants. It covers four territorial units at NUTS II level (Regions), and 11 territorial units at NUTS III level (Districts). The eligible area extends across the entire Greek-Bulgarian border and is neighbouring with Turkey (east) and FYROM (west), both countries aspiring to access to the EU. It is part of the most south-eastern non-insular area of EU, and it is situated between three seas: the Black Sea, the Mediterranean Sea and the Ionian-Adriatic Sea. Finally, it sits at the crossroad of strategic fossil fuel pipelines supplying the EU market and TEN transport axes.
The settlement structure of the area is characterized by the presence of 10 medium-large cities (>50.000 inhabitants) which accumulate 38,2% of total population, and 25 small cities (10.000-50.000 inhabitants).
Despite the historically relatively small amounts of funds allocated, there is a long history of cooperation in the eligible area, which started with Community initiative INTERREG I (1989-1993).

The priority axes are:
PA 1: A Competitive and Entrepreneurship Promoting Cross-Border Area
PA 2: A Sustainable and climate adaptable Cross-Border area
PA 3: A better interconnected Cross-Border Area
PA 4: A socially inclusive Cross-Border area
PA 5: Technical Assistance
Project: “Promotion and development of natural and cultural heritage of Bulgarian – Greek cross-border region through smart and digital tools”, with acronym "eTOURIST" Subsidy contract № В2.6с.07/09.10.2017, financed under the INTERREG V-A Cooperation Program "Greece-Bulgaria 2014-2020".
Project overall objective is to promote & develop cultural & natural heritage, gastronomy & wine in CB area Haskovo-Evros for tourist purposes. 
Specific objectives:
1) Assessment of cultural & natural heritage sites & traditional culinary & wine important for tourist purposes in Haskovo-Evros region;
2) Support for development of natural & cultural heritage, traditional culinary & wine in Haskovo-Evros;
3) Cultural & natural heritage of CB area Haskovo–Evros - closer to tourists;
5) Promoting cultural & natural heritage of CB area;
6) Improved knowledge on CB traditional culinary & wine
Work package 1: Project Management & Coordination
Work package 2: Communication & Dissemination
Work package 3: Integrated eTOURIST methodology for cultural & natural sites and for traditional culinary & wine
Work package 4: Development of eTOURIST package
Work package 5: Valorization of Haskovo-Evros traditional culinary & wine
Work package 6: eTOURIST on the global tourism market
Expected results
Work package 1
- 8 partners' meetings
- preparation of progress reports
Work package 2
- 4 press conferences
- 1 Final scientific conference
- 2 Project Closing Events (1 in Bulgaria and 1 in Greece)
- 1000 information brochures
- 1 project logo
- 2 information boards
- 2 banners
- Catalogue
- 1 video for cultural & natural heritage in CB region
- 39 media publications for project promotion, social media presentation of eTOURIST & the project
- communication materials and tools
- project web site and social media presentation of the project
Work package 3
- 1 study of sites of natural & cultural heritage in Haskovo - Evros CB region & identification of sites of high importance for the area related to their valorization for tourist purposes
- 1 study of traditional culinary & wine of Haskovo-Evros region
- 1 integrated e-TOURIST methodology for Bulgarian & Greek sites
- developed strategic guidelines for image building of the Bulgarian Region as a tourist destination
- developed strategic guidelines for image building of the Greek Region as a tourist destination
Work package 4
- Developed 1 eTOURIST package, incl. 1 application for smart devices for CB cultural & natural sites, gastronomy & wine - eTOURIST;1 interactive digital web portal "Cultural & natural heritage of Haskovo-Evros"; digitalized cultural & natural sites important for CB area; digitalized traditional culinary & wine; developed video tours for cultural & natural sites, for traditional recipes & wine important for CB area
- developed VR web virtual tour
- purchased all-in-one virtual reality devices
- 1 QR codes app for interactions between visitors & museum in Greece
Work package 5
- 3 trainings for valorization of traditional culinary & wine
- 2 CB festivals on traditional culinary & wine
- 9 trainings, organized by the Lead partner and 9 trainings, organized by Partner 3 for different target groups on presenting the cross-border region
Work package 6
- eTOURIST promotion on international tourist exhibition
Project beneficiaries:
- Lead Beneficiary: Regional Municipalities Association “Maritza”
Established in 1997, Regional Municipalities Association “Maritza” aims to become a center for innovation and development of the region by combining the efforts and potential of all key players at local and regional level.
6300 Haskovo, str."Tzar Osvoboditel" 4
Mailing address​:
Business Incubator, 6310 v. Klokotniza
E-mail: [email protected]
Tel.: +359 38 66 5021
Fax: +359 38 66 4869

Founded in 1991, Dimossineteristiki Evros SA is an organization representing and assisting local authorities, state authorities and collective structures of rural areas, incl. manufacturers in Evros Prefecture.
Address: Provatonas 68003 Evros Greece
E-mail: [email protected]
Tel.: +302554020090/91
Fax: +30 25540 41800

- Project Beneficiary 3: Ethnological Museum of Thrace - Aggeliki Giannakidou
The Thracian Ethnological Museum is a non-profit organization founded in 2002 to preserve Thrace's historical memory as well as to study and present Thracian culture. The museum is located in Alexandroupolis in a stone neoclassical building built in 1899.
Address: 14 Maiou 63, PC 68100, Alexandroupolis
E-mail: [email protected]
Тel.: 25510 36663

Partnership for Active Citizens is a non-profit organization with extensive experience in designing and supporting programs that meet contemporary social needs and protects and helps vulnerable groups at national and European level.
Address: Mesogion 392, Agia Paraskevi 15342
E-mail: [email protected]
Тel.: 2130351914
Period of implementation: 09/10/2017 - 31/05/2022
Project website:
1 interactive digital web portal “Cultural and natural heritage of Haskovo – Evros”
1 software application for smart devices eTOURIST (;
Facebook page of the project:
 Twitter profile of the project:
information brochure in Bulgarian and English (page 1,page 2), information brochure in Greek and English (page 1,page 2), elaborated by LB
Information brochure of PB2 (BG, EN, GR)
elaborated materials for the Conference: 60 bags (Picture 1; Picture 2), 60 USB  (Picture 1; Picture 2), 60 notebooks and  60 pens (Picture 1; Picture 2)
1 information board elaborated by LB
1 information board elaborated by PB2
1 banner for events, elaborated by LB
1 banner for events, elaborated by PB2 (Picture 1; Picture 2)
1 project logo
Video about cultural and natural heritage, food and wine under project eTOURIST in Bulgarian, English, Greek
Digitalization of cultural and natural sites in Haskovo region (Thracian sanctuary of the Nymphs and Aphrodite – Dimitrovgrad municipality; Architectural monument – obelisk to the victims in the Balkan War (1912) on top of Sheinovets peak – Lyubimets municipality; Nesting site of rare endangered diurnal raptors (Protected area) Madzharovo municipality; Thracian memorial complex. Chapel of Saint Petka of Bulgaria. Monument-symbol “Thrace without Borders” – Madzharovo municipality; Church of Saint George – Mineralni bani municipality; Sharapani (Sharap Tash wine stone) – Mineralni Bani municipality; Thracian beehive tomb – Svilengrad municipality; Mustafa Pasha Bridge – Svilengrad municipality; Kenana Forest Park – Haskovo municipality; Chuchul Kamak menhir, village of Ovcharovo – Harmanli municipality; Monument of the Holy Mother of God – Haskovo municipality; Bell tower – Haskovo municipality; Church of the Assumption of the Most Holy Mother of God (Uzundzhovo Church) – Haskovo municipality; Osman Baba’s Türbe, village of Teketo – Haskovo municipality; Orlovi Skali (Eagle’s Rocks) – Mineralni bani municipality)
Digitalization of traditional culinary & wine in Haskovo region – development of videos (Traditional cuisine; Wine; Unique wine varieties; Puska from Yabalkovo; Bread)
Digitalization of traditional culinary & wine in Еvros region – development of videos (Traditional cuisine: BulgarianEnglishGreekTraditional winesBulgarianEnglishGreek)
Elaborated Communication materials & tools within eTOURIST project
Development of VR content for the site "Museum Center "Thracian Art in the Eastern Rhodopes" in Bulgaria in a complete product for VR experience
Development of VR content for the site "Ethnological Museum of Thrace - Ageliki Gianakidou" in Greece in a complete product for VR experience
Video for the traditional cuisine in the area of Evros Prefecture, Greece, eTOURIST project, PB2
Video for the traditional wines in the region of Evros Prefecture, Greece, eTOURIST project, PB2

Media publications on the project from LB in: on 08.05.2018; on 18.05.2018; on 18.05.2018; on 23.05.2018 and newspaper “Most” on 24.05.2018; ETV on 17.05.2018; on 30.05.2022haskovo.ifno on3 0.05.2022 г on on on on on 30.05.2022 г on on 30.05.2022
Media publications on the project from PB2: 6 media publications
Media publications on the project from PB4: 1st publication; 2nd publication; 3rd publication
Initial press conference, Soufli, Greece; Media publications about the initial press conference

Study of natural and cultural heritage sites in Haskovo region: Study (BG, EN, GR); Annex 1.1 (BG, EN, GR),Annex 1.2 (BG, EN, GR), Annex 1.3 (BG, EN, GR), Annex 1.4 (BG,EN, GR)
Study of traditional culinary & wine in Haskovo region – Study (BG, EN, GR); Annex 1 (BG); Annex 2.1 (BG, EN,GR); Annex 2.2 (BG, EN, GR)
Integrated methodology for cultural and natural sites, traditional culinary and wine in Haskovo region – Methodology(BG, EN, GR); Annex 1 (BG, EN, GR); Annex 2 (BG, EN, GR)
Study of integrated methodology for cultural, natural sites and traditional gastronomy in Evros (ANNEX Ι. Most Important environmental and cultural resources in the Regional Unit of Evros; Annex ΙΙ. Most Important Tourist Infrastructure and Alternative Tourism Activities in the Regional Unit of Evros)
Study of Traditional Wines in Evros (Annex Ι. Cultivated and winemaking varieties in the Regional Unit of Evros; Annex ΙΙ. The most important vineyards, wineries and distilleries in the Regional Unit of Evros)
Collection of information about the Regional Unit of Evros
Points Of Interest – Events
Collection of information for the development of the digital portal. Photo Collection
Developed strategic guidelines for image building of the Bulgarian Region as a tourist destination

Training “Traditional culinary and wines” in Haskovo
Training “Traditional culinary and wines” in Greece
4 trainings of Community Centers from Haskovo Region "The power is in you"
4 trainings of museums from Haskovo Region

Presentation of the eTOURIST project at the ITF Holiday & Spa Expo Sofia, 2020 (Report, photos, materials, publication, etc.)

Festival "Traditional culinary and wine form Haskovo and Evros", Conference and Closing event




Events from the two border regionsFinal events were organized in Alexandroupolis, Greece from 25 to 27 May, 2022, under the project e TOURIST
Final events were organized in Alexandroupolis, Greece from 25 to 27 May, 2022, under the project e TOURIST

Final events were organized in Alexandroupolis, Greece from 25 to 27 ...

01.06.2022 Read

In the period 14.04.2022 - 30.05.2022 RMA "Maritza" held four one-day trainings for ...

31.05.2022 Read

In the period 13.04.2022 – 23.05.2022  RMA "Maritza" held four one-day ...

30.05.2022 Read
Promoting and developing the natural and cultural heritage of the Bulgarian-Greek cross-border region through smart and electronic instruments - eTOURIST

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